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Give your business the best chance of success. Join Shebux and become a valued member of a private marketplace where you can network with others who are driven to make amazing things happen in their lives and businesses.

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Shebux is all about working smarter, not harder and having fun while doing it!

We are a unique members-only community platform predominantly for women in business, run through our online website marketplace, our closed Facebook group and member meet-ups.

It is a place for women to not only promote their business but also to feel welcomed, inspired and supported. It is a Sisterhood of like-minded women who have got each others backs, not only because referrals and reciprocal benefits are the norm here but because they genuinely want to see each other succeed as well.


If you have a service or product to offer, are proactive and passionate about growing your business and genuinely like supporting other women on their journey, then we would love to welcome you to Shebux! For membership details, click here.


For only $14.95 per month, Shebux Members can post unlimited ads in any or all of the following categories: (click each for more details)

Member-only SPECIALS

These are Special offers for Shebux members only. These are priced in ‘normal’ money ($) and the key is to look after your Shebux Sisters and offer something here that is great value – ideally better than you offer anywhere else.

So, whenever members need anything, they would look here first because they know they are guaranteed to save money and get a great deal. It is essentially priority marketing that leads to new customers and increased revenue.

Examples…. 35% off for Shebux Sisters only! OR 2 hour consultation for the price of 1! OR Buy one, get one free OR 50% off on first visit / booking, OR Save $20 on each $50 spend etc.

FREE of Charge

This is where you can pay it forward or offer a product / service that does not require any payment. This is not only feel-good, it is very smart marketing!

Free = new customer connection = opportunity to convert to paid!
There are lots of things you can offer for free that may be low cost to you but high-value to someone else and allow you to make a connection with a potential new client or friend.

Examples… Perhaps you could offer an e-book, an initial consultation, a spot in a workshop or class you are running anyway, excess stock, sample products, a new product /service you are trialling for feedback, a small /quick service.

Eg: You offer a 1 hour personal training consultation for free (limited to 4 spots per month, one per member and new clients only). Another member has been thinking of getting a PT but doesn’t know who to use. She sees your free offer, uses your service and loved the outcome. You have made a great connection. She sees you are also offering a ‘Shebux special’ (as above) and it is too good to pass up so she books in for more sessions with you. She is getting great results and ends up becoming a regular client (and also tell all her friends about you!). Free leads to paid. Win-win!


You post a listing for a product or service you can offer, that you would like to swap for something (or a variety of things) of equal or similar value. No payment involved. Easy!

Swapping is business gold. It allows you to offer something that you are good at (and cost / time effective for you), and ask for something that you need help with. It helps save money on outsourcing, save the time and struggle doing it yourself and it may help to grow your business. You may also make an awesome connection! 


You post a listing for a suggested collaboration. What you can offer and what you need. This is not a swap, this is about pooling resources for a mutually beneficially outcome, without having to outlay money / outsource.

Another smart business strategy to save money on outsourcing. By offering what you are good at (cost / time effective for you) and asking for a variety of services or products you need for a specific outcome that can benefit all parties is an absolute win-win!

THE KEY? You now get to stand out from the crowd! Other members look to the marketplace first when they need something = priority marketing of your business.


  • We prioritise reciprocal-benefit trading. It is a requirement of membership that upon completion of a successful transaction, members willingly provide online and social media testimonials, feedback and ongoing referrals to support the providing business. This is business gold right here!
  • Our members-only interactive Facebook Group offers additional ways to connect, learn, support, promote, network and grow.
  • Member meetups are a great way to make friends and network!


Any products or services that make up a part of their business.

The benefit of Shebux is that you can sell goods and services within your business that are easy and cost-effective for you to offer, but have real value for others. Once a customer purchases from you within Shebux, you have a chance to take that customer outside of the platform and increase sales to the other parts of your business. (Not to mention the flow on word of mouth referrals that our members are famous for!)

PSSSST… here’s a few extra tips…

  • Are you currently giving something away reduced or for free just to reach new customers? Put it on Shebux as a free offer! Make an impression and that connection could lead to a lot more!
  • Are you trying to move excess stock that is no longer part of your core product line? Add it as a super special! Still a great way to introduce a potential new client to you and your range.
  • Are you looking to trial a new addition to your business? Offer it for free or as a ‘to-good-to-refuse’ special to receive feedback.

Shebux just might be the best thing that ever happened to you and your business! What have you got to lose?

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