If you are a proactive woman in business who is passionate about what you do, this is definitely the place for you!

We’d love to sign you up but first, it is really important to us to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.

In order to ensure that we maintain a community with heart and results for all, we have a few guidelines:

  1. We are a Sisterhood. Great communication, customer service and respect for each other is number one!
  2. We aren’t just here for ourselves. We know that genuinely supporting others in our network can come back to us ten-fold!
  3. The choice is yours. You decide what you offer, how much, when, how and to whom but we are always here to help.
  4. Reciprocal Benefit is Gold! After every successful Shebux transaction, we ask that you set aside 5- 10  minutes to provide follow up support to sellers using our Reciprocal Benefit Trading guidelines (online testimonial, social media likes & interactions, shout out and ongoing referrals). The seller is also encouraged to return the social media likes. This is the gold for your biz that money can’t buy!
  5. Have fun! The Shebux platform is here to promote you but it can be so much more than that if you want it to be…..get involved and reap the rewards!

If you would love to become part of the Shebux family, then we would love to welcome you with open arms!

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